Class Notes: April 2022

CARMEN CHUNG  M.Th’07; Dip.Min. ’11
Carmen is living and working in Hong Kong, in the field of property management. She was actively caring for her mother until her mother’s passing in February 2022.


Thomas is completing his term as President of the Medieval Academy of America and presented his presidential address on the topic “Cultural Encounter, Race, and a Humanist Ideology of Empire in the Art of Trecento Venice” at the Annual Meeting in Charlottesville, Virginia in March 2022. He published his second book, Pygmalion’s Power: Romanesque Sculpture, The Senses, and Religious Experience (Penn State University Press) at the end of 2019. He continues to teach art history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



William, pictured here during his Trinity days, celebrated his 100th birthday September 18, 2021 with family and friends and bagpipes playing. He maintains a wonderful sense of humor and a love for art and art history.
He will celebrate his 70th anniversary with the love of his life, Jane (Laidlaw) on April 19, 2022.



WEDDING CORNER: Dorothy 6T2 and Terry Keenleyside 6T2







Our deepest condolences go to the families, friends and classmates of these members of the Trinity community.

GRAHAM: Barbara ’12 (MA)

HOLT: Margaret Anna “Ann” (Gamble) ’45

KUHN: Naomi (Kirkwood) ’49

MARSH: Peter Timothy ’58

SAVORY: Roger Mervyn (Trinity Fellow Emeritus Prof.; DSL ’03)

ULDALL: Richard ’83


As published in the Living Trinity E-Newsletter April 2022.

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