Book It! April 2023


In The Enchanted Loom, the Sri Lankan civil war has left many scars on Thangan and his family, most noticeably the loss of his eldest son and the crippling epileptic seizures brought on by his torture. As the final days of the war play out, the family bears witness from their new home of Toronto, each facing their own unique struggles. Amidst the ongoing trauma, the family is faced with the possibility of Thangan undergoing neurological surgery. Will the surgery give them a chance to heal, or will it cause even more pain? Presented in both English and Tamil, this poetic play is both medical and mystical, drawing a connection between trauma and memory that creates a stark reminder of loss, hope, family, and freedom. (Playwrights Canada Press)





From the Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who broke the story, The Exceptions: Nancy Hopkins, MIT, and the Fight for Women in Science is the inspiring account of the 16 female scientists who forced the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to publicly admit it had been discriminating against its female faculty for years—sparking a nationwide reckoning with the pervasive sexism in science. One of the book’s central characters, Robert J. Birgeneau, went on to be president of U of T. (Scribner)








As published in the April 2023 issue of Living Trinity newsletter

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