Book It: June 2022

If you have published a book within the past six months or have one coming out in the near future, please e-mail the editor a high-resolution .jpg of the cover, along with a brief description of the book and its publication date:



Combining a humane perspective, lively anecdotes, and a deep curiosity about the uncharted territories of the human brain, The Tenth Nerve is the memoir of neurosurgeon Dr. Chris Honey at Vancouver General Hospital. Honey weaves his personal journey together with case studies that reflect the thrill of scientific discovery and the limitations of medicine. (Random House Canada)



Co-authored by Vancouver Supreme Court Justice David Crerar and Peter Waldkirch, The Annotated British Columbia Limitation Act contains has two Trinity reminiscences: The Tristram Shandy cover on the cover beckons back to the author’s introduction to that work in Professor Patricia Brückmann’s wonderful literature class, while the introduction quotation is well-known to all Trinity graduates. (Thomson Reuters)



In Edge of Destiny, two star-crossed high school graduates, Claudia and Theo, discover each other on the eve of the Second World War. Facing their inevitable breakup, they make the most of their time together, from the tobacco farms, fields and meadows of Norfolk County to the streets, steam tunnels and grit of Toronto. Then a freakish event tears them apart and Theo disappears into the future, 80 years later: 2019. From his own years at Trinity, Brown created a fictitious Ewart College at the corner of Harbord and St. George. The UofT campus and Spadina Avenue are key features in the tale, and several Trinity staff members provided insights during the research phase for the novel. (Blurb)





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