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In Memoriam: Bishop Terry Brown, Trinity’s Last Missionary

Bishop Terry Brown (1944-2024) quietly and determinedly changed the world, an unusual outcome, perhaps, of a Trinity College education. Terry arrived at the College in 1971, having completed conscientious objector service as a medic in the US Army in Japan. Terry lived out his life as a devout Anglo-Catholic dedicated to ecumenism, as a missionary…Continue Reading

Reading Rev. Dr. Sam Wells

With anticipation building for Sam Wells’ visit to Toronto, we thought that a brief overview of some of his (many!) works would be a helpful use of our usual “What Are They Reading” space. I’ll — as briefly as I can — touch on the books that I’ve read, or at least dipped into to…Continue Reading

In Memoriam: The Rev. Canon Dr. Graham Cotter

by Suzanne Lawson ODT How can one possibly write a concise tribute to The Rev. Canon Dr. Graham Cotter for a newsletter? He was so eccentric, so much a polymath, so creative, so unstoppable, so impish, so very Graham!  But that is the task at hand. A tribute, then, as concise as Graham rarely was!…Continue Reading

Maylanne Maybee: Deacon, Educator, Author

Anglican Deacon Maylanne Maybee is an author, educator and a triple Trinity College graduate BA ’71, MDiv ’82, DDHon’16 whose career has included significant involvement nationally and internationally.  Her Trinity connections extend even beyond her own studies. As the wife of the Dean of Men, John Whittall, she lived at the College until 1985, which included raising…Continue Reading

Faithful to the Call: Bishop Victoria Matthews

In considering possible titles for a tribute, I cheekily proposed ‘Soaring Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling’ and “When Women Came into the House… of Bishops’. But Bishop Victoria didn’t like either of these options. The first she thought too hierarchical. She preferred what has been chosen: ‘Faithful to the Call’. And that, right there, says…Continue Reading

Book It! April 2024

DIANE KALEN-SUKRA’96 In Save Your City: How Toxic Culture is Killing Community & What To Do About It, Diane Kalen-Sukra asserts that toxic culture is eroding our sense of belonging, community and well-being. In this updated and illustrated fifth anniversary edition of her book, she empowers community leaders and citizens to come together to address…Continue Reading

Trinity celebrates mass timber milestone

Trinity celebrates mass timber milestone

“The construction [of the Lawson Centre for Sustainability] has given students a chance to see sustainability in action; and when it is complete, it will give future students a chance to be immersed in sustainability,” graduating student Emmeline Caplan said in a special celebration on March 25 as she stood in front of the future…Continue Reading